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SPREAD MAG. launch party at the s/ash gallery

'At the end of the light spectrum is where you'll find me.'


The lowest frequency a human eye can perceive. From love and seduction to danger and violence, I am versatile that way. I will stimulate energy, increase enthusiasm. No other colour will raise your blood pressure as much as I do. I’ll encourage you to take action and be confident doing it.

I will scream for attention, can you frame me?


With this text we released an open call to which artists responded with their interpretation of the theme ‘Red’.

Out of the received applications we chose eight to be featured in the magazine. This first magazine edition was launched to an accompanied two-day exhibition (20th and 21st of September) with a performance programme by Sanne de Haan and Mireille Tap at the S/ash Gallery and Performance Bar in Rotterdam.


The published works can be viewed as representations of the colour red as a broader understood theme. 'Red' can take many forms and lead to various interpretations as described in the open call. The works represent these forms and personal views. By putting them together, they form a new visual narrative. The format of the magazine also allows the spreads to be a set of individual art prints or become a mobile exhibition altogether.